The One Biosecurity program

One Biosecurity (1B) is an innovative program designed for South Australian livestock producers to meet the increasing demands and challenges of 21st century production systems.

It highlights on-farm biosecurity practices as key to:

  • producing healthy livestock
  • maintaining access to premium markets
  • combatting the constant threat of exotic and endemic diseases.

One Biosecurity features an online system for producers to develop a profile of their on-farm biosecurity and livestock health. This helps create an enterprise biosecurity plan that is ranked against industry standards through a star rating system.

As producers develop biosecurity plans and compare practices with other producers, they build their biosecurity capacity through wise decision making and promotion of their good biosecurity.

The One Biosecurity program was designed to:

  • provide SA with a powerful united defence against livestock disease threats (exotic and endemic))
  • underpin the essential requirements for premium market access

The greater the number of producer members, the greater the benefit to the livestock industry and individual producers

The online presence creates the ability to:

  • easily update plans
  • test how effective your plan is (disease risk rating
  • share information
  • identify producers with similar management practices
  • promote good practice
  • manage endemic disease
  • enable risk-based trading

The program was developed as a partnership between livestock producers and the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and includes sheep, beef, and dairy producers.

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